26 October 2014
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Rank # Horse Stable Jockey Time Prize
1 7 WING MAN S. Henry B. Sooful 1.54.62 120 000
2 6 MAX RAPAX G. Rousset J. Geroudis - 40 000
3 5 ABSALOM R. Pertaub R. Joorawon - 20 000
4 1 ICE TRIGGER R. Gujadhur R. Wiggins - 10 000
5 8 SHERIFF MARSHALL V. Allet S. Bussunt - -
6 3 TEAMOG H. Maigrot V. Sola - -
7 10 PUT FOOT SINGE C. Ramdin N. Marday - -
8 2 POINT OF POLICY P. Merven C. Segeon - -
9 4 LAST EMPEROR Gujadhur Y. Emamdee - -

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Stewards' Report

Point Of Policy, which was restless in its stall prior to the start being effected, threw its head on jumping and was slow to begin. Wing Man and Last Emperor were slow to begin. From its wide draw Ice Trigger was taken back from the start. Put Foot Singe raced wide without cover in the early stages and passing the 1300 metres was taken to the lead. Put Foot Singe came off the crossing at the 1000 metres awkwardly and stumbled. Leaving the 1000 metres Super Villain broke down and was taken out of the race. When being taken away from horses, Super Villain slightly inconvenienced Max Rapax, which was improving around it. Wing Man, which was following, was eased away from the heels of Super Villain. Approaching the 800 metres Teamog was taken to the lead. Approaching the 600 metres Absalom was taken out from behind Sheriff Marshall and for some distance raced tight between Wing Man and Sheriff Marshall. Ice Trigger and Wing Man raced wide from leaving the 600 metres. Near the 250 metres when being urged forward Max Rapax rolled out and bumped Wing Man, with Max Rapax becoming slightly unbalanced. Leaving the 200 metres Absalom was taken out from behind Teamog and Max Rapax to secure clear running. Ice Trigger lay in in the home straight and approaching the 150 metres had to be straightened to avoid the heels of Absalom. When questioned with regard to the poor performance of Last Emperor, jockey Emamdee explained that he was instructed to jump and endeavour to secure a position where Last Emperor felt comfortable. He added that after missing the start he elected to settle his mount at the rear of the field where he travelled comfortably, however when asked for an effort over the last 400 metres, the gelding failed to quicken and was very disappointing.  When questioned, trainer C. Ramdin explained that Put Foot Singe was having its 9th run today, the gelding had been extremely disappointing and was going over 1850 metres for the first time in Mauritius, taking into consideration that it was carrying a low weight, was drawn wide and that there was no real front runners in the race, he instructed apprentice Marday to lead. The Club’s Veterinary Surgeon reported that Super Villain broke its near fore sesamoid and was humanely put down.

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