Members of Committee

President: Mr Pierre Arthur De Chasteigner Du Mee(Administrator of the MTC)
Mr Benoit Halbwachs, Mr Khalid Rawat, Mr Jerry Labonne (MTC)
Mr Jean Marc Halbwachs
Miss Artee Gujadhur
Mrs Clothilde Jauffret (Equestrian Federation)
Mr Guy Leroux (AEPS)
Mr Raj Ramdin, Mr Shantosh Ramdin

Mission Statement

The objectives of the committee are to ensure that

  1. Retired racehorses are treated with respect
  2. The adoption process of retired racehorses is closely monitored
  3. A constant monitoring of the location of retired horses in Mauritius is maintained.


Our logo

The official logo of 'Retired Racehorses Committee'

Designed by Mr. Kevin Beesoondoyal, the logo was chosen out of twenty proposals received by the Retired Racehorses Committee.