With training expected to be very busy tomorrow morning, it is quite calm today, though several horses work fast. 

Those who are expected to be in action on the turf track tomorrow trot and canter. They include the likely participants to the first classic of the season and also other horses, who may make their respective debuts in the opening meeting.

The big news this morning is the presence of Cedric Segeon, who has been hired by Jean-Michel Henry. He becomes the third foreign jockey to make his presence known this year, after James Winks and Wesley Marwing. The first horse he rides is Burg, before riding Open Heir and Ernie - two new horses. The latter is a good-looking model, who has a good South African form.

Disco Al does two tours together with Rasta Rebel, who is wearing the side winkers. The former continues to progress with each workout he does.

At the start of the session, Valerin shows satisfaction, while Vettel, Dealers Charm, Prince Lateral, Captain Nero, Burwaaz, Phiri E Kwatile and The Boxster (blinkers and noseband) all show up well this morning.

As mentioned before, tomorrow is expected to be very interesting, with action on the turf track and also a large number of gallops on the sand track.