Due to the heavy rainfall in the capital during the night, and also at the start of this morning's training session, no barrier trials were held. Instead, they have been moved to Friday morning, weather permitting.

The rain is enough to force racegoers to seek cover on numerous occasions, while on the sand track, more than 100 horses work at full speed, including those who were meant to take part in the barrier trials.

Concerning the possible participants of the Duchess Of York Cup, the pairings of Belong To Me-Hard Day's Night and Ready To Attack-Rasta Rebel do two tours. Belong To Me makes up ground on his sparring partner at the end of their exercise.

Exit Here and Psycho Syd work solo, and it is the latter that is in excellent physical condition. Easy Lover does not go unnoticed and his progress is evident.

Rock On Geordies, Right To Tango, Fleetfox, Dark Force, Jullidar, Jiggery Pokery, Sacred Jewel and Argun all catch the eye this morning.