It was a one-horse race in both the Jockeys' and Trainers' competitions in the Attitude Hotels International Jockeys Weekend 2019, with Manöel Nunes and Preetam Daby coming out on top, after having lead all the way through since Day 1, yesterday.

Manöel Nunes was crowned champion jockey with 52 points. He won three races today, including the feature race on board Haylor.

England's Jason Watson finished in 2nd with 38 points, while native Nooresh Juglall finished on the final podium step with 31 points.

Winless yesterday, Derreck David got his sole win in today's meeting on Patrol Officer, while Dinesh Sooful was the sole reserve jockey to have won a race this weekend, this occurring today with Wordbuster in the 5th race.

Final Jockeys' Standings
1. Manöel Nunes (Brazil) 52 points
2. Jason Watson (England) 38 points
3. Nooresh Juglall (Mauritius) 31 points
4. Jason Collett (New Zealand) 23 points
5. Manuel Martinez (Chile) 21 points
6. Surendar Srinath (India) 20 points
7. Jameer Allyhosain (Mauritius) 18 points
8. Dinesh Sooful (Mauritius) 15 points
9. Derreck David (South Africa) 13 points
10. John Powell (Singapore) 11 points
11. Aurelien Lemaitre (France)/Nishal Teeha (Mauritius) 10 points
13. Randall Simons (South Africa) 5 points
14. Swapneel Rama (Mauritius) 2 points


Thanks to his hat-trick today, Preetam Daby ran away with it in the Trainers' standings. He won with 57 points, 24 points ahead of Gilbert Rousset, while Shirish Narang completed the podium with 32 points.

Amar Sewdyal, champion trainer in last year's competition, finished 4th with 26 points, while Simon Jones was the only trainer to score points in just one race, as he saddled Haylor to victory in the feature race today.

Final Trainers' Standings
1. Preetam Daby 57 points
2. Gilbert Rousset 33 points
3. Shirish Narang 32 points
4. Amar Sewdyal 26 points
5. Patrick Merven 21 points
6. Shyam Hurchund 20 points
7. Ramapatee Gujadhur/Chitranjan Ramdin 18 points
9. Vincent Allet 15 points
10. Ricky Maingard 11 points
11. Simon Jones 9 points
12. Jean-Michel Henry 7 points
13. Rameshwar Gujadhur 6 points
14. Praten Nagadoo 4 points
15. Alain Perdrau 2 points