Après Gallop Magazine, c’est au tour de la fameuse chaîne américaine  CNN de parler de l’île Maurice et du Champ de Mars. En effet, ceux qui suivent les infos et les reportages de CNN ont pu voir dès vendredi un reportage ‘Destination Mauritius’ à quatre volets sur l’île Maurice : la cuisine, le séga, la nature et … les courses au Champ de Mars.

Des témoignages sont recueillis par le journaliste reporteur, Isaac Oboth, qui était au Champ de Mars en plusieurs occasions pour visiter les coulisses avec son inséparable caméra, mais aussi pour interviewer le président du MTC, M. Mukesh Balgobin, et le ‘Communication and Event Manager’, Shan Ip Ting Wah.

Ce documentaire a été projeté en pas moins de huit occasions et a été suivi par au moins 100 millions de téléspectateurs, selon Isaac Oboth qui s’est dit enchanté d’avoir pu le réaliser: «Because of my work as a film maker, I have been very fortunate to travel and work in 26 countries. And every time I have travelled for work, after about 3 weeks into my trip, I have always been ready to go back home to Uganda where things "make sense" to me. The very first time that I travelled to another country and truly felt at home was in November 2013 when I first visited the beautiful Island of Mauritius. Mauritius is by far my favourite place in the world right now, so coming back to make a documentary about why I love it here was a real blessing.»

Isaac Oboth nous a aussi partagé son opinion du Champ de Mars: «I found the history of the Champ de Mars to be extremely fascinating and that is what drew me to the story. Furthermore, we as human beings are drawn to things that other people are completely consumed by. And I think it is fair to say Mauritians are consumed by horse racing. I was very surprised to find several people at the track at 5 am on a Tuesday to watch the horses training. The energy and enthusiasm of the fans on race day was absolutely infectious. Of all the stories I filmed, this was easily the most exciting one.»

Tout comme il adore Maurice, il adore également ses habitants. Il a déclaré: «The people here are some of the friendliest and most open people I have ever met. The smiles are warm, the conversations sincere and the connections endure. Mauritius is truly a melting pot of cultures and ideologies and therefore it makes it extremely easy for outsiders like myself to be assimilated here. And, in my opinion, that is what makes this island truly special.»