L’enquête sur la présence d’une substance illicite dans un échantillon de sang du coursier Gameloft, qui devait participer à la 32e journée, a été conclue aujourd’hui. A l’issue de celle-ci, l’entraîneur Shirish Narang a été mis à l’amende et le palefrenier Clyde Coco a été ‘‘warned off’’.

Shirish Narang aura à s’acquitter d’une amende de Rs 250,000, ayant été trouvé coupable sous le Rule Of Racing 208 A(4) car la responsabilité du cheval lui incombait. Ce règlement stipule :  ‘‘Notwithstanding subsection (3) (ii) when a sample taken at any time from a horse under the responsibility of a licensed trainer, after analysis is found to contain any illicit substance, the trainer and any other person in charge of such horse at the relevant time shall be guilty of an offence and be liable to any of the penalties set out in Rule 11 (d) unless that person can prove to the satisfaction of the Racing Stewards that he had, at all times, taken all reasonable and permissible measures to prevent the administration of such illicit substance to the horse.’’

Pour sa part, Clyde Coco, ‘‘warned off’’ jusqu’au 31 juillet 2017, a fait les frais du Rule 211 (1) : ‘‘A person warned off or disqualified shall automatically lose his rights in connection with any permit, authorisation or licence granted to him under these Rules, and the registration, in his name, of any colours, lease or partnership shall automatically be cancelled. His name shall be published in the Racing Calendar.’’