The thoroughbred name game can be an interesting one at times.

Take the Brian Burnard owned first timer Deago Deluxe who stepped out at Scottsville on Sunday. He is a son of former SA star Delago Deluxe and was bred from the Sadler’s Wells mare In The Limelight by Rothwell Park in New South Wales.

With only one letter difference in his and his sire name, we took up the potential for the creation of confusion with the National Horseracing Authority Stud Book department. A very helpful Samantha Dames said that the colt was named in Australia and that she had checked the correctness with the relevant authority in that country, following our query. They were happy with it, apparently. But should we be?

While we have seen the likes of clever names like Sorevof (Foveros) and Lahak (Kahal), are we now open to a new generation of names?

The likes of Tripi, Patfork, Pomodor and Visionair could cause some serious confusion in a few years from now.