Damien Oliver will join three other Australians when he heads to Mauritius to take up a riding contract next week.

Oliver will ride at Saturday's Champagne Stakes meeting in Sydney before heading off for his latest stint on the island, joining James Winks, Steven Arnold and Ryan Wiggins.

Oliver told Sky Sports Radio the fact only one meeting a week is held on Mauritius was a part of his decision along with the idea of getting out of the cold Melbourne winter weather.

"I got an offer to ride over there about three or four weeks ago and I thought it would be a good opportunity to go over there for the winter for us," Oliver said.

"It's a good lifestyle. They race only once a week and the weight scale is a bit heavier so it doesn't mean I'm busting myself to ride light right through the winter here.

"The racing over there is quite full-on and quite unique."

Oliver said he was not sure how long he would spend riding in Mauritius for trainer Rameshwar Gujadhur, who finished second in the Mauritian trainers' premiership last year.

"I'll just play it by ear at this stage. I'll probably just go for the winter at this stage and just see how it goes," Oliver said.