The Malayan Racing Association has advised that due to an outbreak of respiratory infections in Malaysia that racing has been temporarily suspended until further notice.

At the Perak Turf Club there are about thirty horses which have shown symptoms related to the respiratory infection and they have been isolated. They have been treated with antibiotics and are recovering.

With Bio security measures implemented the remaining uninfected horses have been permitted to do trackwork at the Club.

Penang Turf Club has had one infection with the horse recovered after treatment and isolated from the general horse population. Trackwork continues for the remaining uninfected horses.

At the Selangor Turf Club about ninety horses have shown signs of respiratory infection. Treatment is continuing and trackwork has been stopped but is expected to resume on Thursday, September 3rd, 2015.

Sample from the infected horses have been sent to the Veterinary Research Institute, Malaysia, as well as to AVA Singapore’s laboratory on August 28th for analysis to determine the cause of the outbreak.

The Department of Veterinary Services, Malaysia, has imposed a restriction on the movement of horses.