Despite a number of attempts, the  team hasn't been able to track down the identity of the infamous caller of Swedish racing but it's fair to say he's a bit of a character.

From a brutal jockey spray to some outrageously bad early crows, here is some of his 'finest' work ...


One time he called a jockey a "bloody idiot"

Most punters have probably given a jockey a verbal clip in the heat of the moment but it's rare to hear a caller throw curry in a hoop's direction. Back in 2016, our favourite international racing broadcaster wasn't impressed when jockey Jan-Erik Neuroth went looking for an inside run in a race at Jagersoro and, boy, didn't he let everyone know about it.

"What a bloody idiot he is!" He fumed.

The horse, Angel Love, actually went on to win but the result didn't placate the caller, who delivered a feisty post-race rant.

"What an incredible stupid ride by Neuroth. I get more and more irritated when I see what he did in the first race today."

It's probably fair to assume that he may have had a krona or two on said favourite earlier in the day.


Early crow 1

Somebody really needs to inform this bloke of the old saying, 'you should never go the early crow'. Last July he had a fair dinkum Barry Crocker when he declared 'Ragamuffin' home in a Monte race at Orebro as the horse led by a huge margin into the straight. Unfortunately for both the caller and punters who followed his directive to head to the payout queue, the power of the 'mozz' came to the fore and Ragamuffin went off stride and was disqualified. 

"It's all over, you can go to the payout queue. Ragamuffin's not going to lose this one," he exclaimed.

"Go and fetch your money early. Sorry, they have to weigh in first, but it's all over bar the shouting.

"Number five, Ragamuffin, makes a break! So I was too early ... Ragamuffin will be disqualified." 


Early crow 2 

The European summer of 2017 was certainly an eventful one for the colourful caller. His early crow at Orebro followed a similar sin at Visby in the previous month, where he also incorrectly dished out the "you can go to the payout queue" line.

"It's all over, you can go to the payout queue! They're not going to catch her."

"Sofia Adolfsson is just too darn good.

"As they come up to the line, it's going to be close but as they get to the line, it's not Sofia Adolfsson. It's number five, Enor Terdus, that causes a major upset."


Why call when you can sing? 

Not content with just calling the finish of a harness race at Solvalla in January, old mate decided to break into a song about wine as 'Chenin Blanc' went to a clear lead in the straight. However, his effort to spice things up nearly ended in disastrous fashion because while he was concentrating on his vocal performance, he seemed to miss the fact another horse was charging down the outside. Fortunately for his sake, Chenin Blanc just managed to hang on. 


"You can use your noggin" 

Despite his series of mishaps, the lively broadcaster refuses to do away with his flamboyant style and just last week he delivered a bizarre call even by his standards. We're not sure whether he was calling through his pocket or not but he spent much of a 1640m harness race at Aby berating driver Christoffer Eriksson. After potting Eriksson's tactics on a number of occasions - at one stage he implored him to use his "noggin" - he later backtracked and apologised when the horse he was piloting (Rajah Press) maintained a healthy lead early in the straight. However, it wasn't long before Eriksson was back in the caller's bad books when Rajah Press got nutted on the line. 


"Thanks Christoffer Eriksson for messing it up for everybody!" He fired post-race.