South African jockey Robbie Fradd has been added to the list of jockeys invited to the International Jockeys’ Weekend to be held in Mauritius on the weekend of 2 and 3 December.

Fradd, who turns 53 on the Monday after the weekend of the challenge, is currently based in Australia. He has ridden in ten countries, as well as in Mauritius during 1990 and 1991, before being crowned champion there in 1993.

He began his apprenticeship in 1981 and was based at the SA Jockey Academy in Durban. Fradd’s  fellow apprentices were Glen Hatt, Piere Strydom, Nick Shearer and Hemant Ramlugaan.

He rode his first winner in 1982 aboard Barberton for the late Jacky Gorton at Clairwood.

Fradd’s two Durban July winners are Space Walk in 1994 for Ricky Maingard, after an objection, and then in 2003 with the great Dynasty for Dean Kannemeyer.