A story about horse racing and sandwiches that doesn't involve the great man Bryce Stanaway...

This sanga-related tale centres on a Southwell racegoer who had seemingly orchestrated the perfect crime, only to come up short due to a random lunchbox inspection.

Like many racecourses around the world, Southwell has banned punters from bringing their own alcohol through the gates - a reasonable stance in this day and age.  

The ban hasn't stopped racegoers from giving it a crack though, with one lady going to extreme lengths on Sunday to smuggle in a $12 bottle of vodka.

The 'Southwell Smuggler' stashed her bottle in a Subway-style sandwich filled with tomato and salami. 

The ingenuous plan (on paper at least) was foiled when an official, who was performing routine searches at the gate, became suspicious about the weight of the lady's lunchbox. 

The sandwich was subsequently opened up and the bottle of booze was uncovered.

"As part of the security policy throughout the Arc group, we have searches for alcohol, as well as 'other objects' as part of the anti-terror measures in place for all sporting venues," Southwell executive director Mark Clayton told Racing Post. 

Although the punter lost her vodka (and we assume her sandwich after it was handled by security), officials saw the funny side of it and posted a picture of the smuggling fail on their Twitter page, encouraging people to reply with their wittiest captions.